Forging the
the guest

XavierLab is a fearless collection of creative technologists who merge physical and digital spaces to build immersive and memorable guest experiences. We work behind the scenes on covert, one-of-a-kind projects for some of the world’s largest attraction, entertainment and hospitality companies developing deep, rich, multi-sensory guest interactions, driving deeper brand affinity and attendance.

Industries We Impact

  • Theme Parks and Resorts
  • Themed Entertainment
  • Shopping & Dining Venues
  • Cruise Lines/Hospitality
  • Museums
  • Sports Stadiums/Leagues
  • Festivals/Conventions

We cater to guests,
not users.

It’s impossible to conceive and create never-before-seen experiences without expertise in the emotional triggers that drive impactful guest engagement and delight. XavierLab has spent years developing an understanding of this. As a result, we deploy teams of uniquely qualified specialists hand-picked to provide the appropriate knowledge, transparency and alignment to deliver the best solution.


  • Digital Product Development
  • Design, Animation and Video Production
  • Enterprise software design / development
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • IoT development
  • Gaming
  • Custom digital installations
  • Kiosks
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web-based content
  • Custom fabrication / installation
  • Hardware installation
  • Audio Design

We work in a lab,
not an office.

Whether we’re creating an epic adventure that raises the bar for a world-renowned theme park, or developing a tightly defined tactic for a regional brand, XavierLab consistently delivers unforgettable guest experiences.

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